Celina Fire Department


The Celina Fire Department was completely restructured after the Great Celina fire of 1894. The Volunteer Fire Company became a fulltime paid fire department. The first Chief was H. L. Hight He was the chief of the volunteer fire company, and remained chief when the department reorganized. Sam Maservie and William Stein were the other fulltime firemen.
In 1918, Celina Fire Department purchased its first motorized apparatus a Nash, from Crowne Auto Company of Celina. The truck was a combination chemical and hose wagon.
In 1927, the first pumper for Celina Fire Department was purchased. A Pierce Arrow was placed into service.
In 1931 the next truck was purchased. A Monarch General, from the General Manufacturing Company of St. Louis Mo. It had a 1000-gpm pump and carried 1500 feet of hose.
1949 brought the purchase of the American LaFrance Quad. It was a combination pumper and ladder truck.
1954 the Civil Defense housed a 750-gpm GMC pumper at Celina.
Although the Civil Defense owned the truck it was kept and used by the Celina firemen. Years later the title was signed over to Celina and the truck remained in service many years.
By the late 1950's, the Fire Department was updated again.
A 1958 Ford Sutphen 1000-gpm tanker was purchased.
At the same time the 1959 "Mighty" Peter Pirsch, a 750-gpm pumper was also placed into service. This engine remains in service presently as a back up pumper for the city.
The next piece of equipment purchased was a 1977 Sutphen aerial quint from Sutphen Corp of Columbus.
The building on the north of city hall housing the fire dept truck room was also completed during this time.
The next purchase of equipment was a 1981 Sutphen 1000-gpm pumper.
1983 brought the purchase of an American /GMC 4WD mini pumper from Sutphen.
In 1992 an E-One 1250-gpm International pumper was purchased from United Apparatus of Cridersville, Ohio.
Later purchases brought a dive van,rescue boat and ice rescue equipment to the department. Confined space rescue equipment has also been included as well as haz-mat equipment and training.
2001 The Pierce name again made a presents at Celina Fire Department. The Dash pumper/rescue was put into service this year.
Through many hours of discussion, a custom truck was planned and ordered by members of the department.

EMS service has been a part of Celina Fire Department since 1968.
The needs of the growing community increased and Celina Fire Department started providing medical service.
In 1974, Mercer County started a county wide emergency ambulance service.
A new fleet of squads were put into service and personnel were trained as needs grew.
Celina Fire Department operates 4 ALS medical squads, fully equipped and manned 24 hours a day.
All Celina Fire personnel are responsible for the operation and training requirements to keep skills up to date.

Chiefs of Celina Fire Department
Adam Schunk 1894
H L Hight Vol. And Paid 1895-1904
E S May 1904-1906
Henry Weisman 1906-1910
Jacob Weber 1910-1918
Arsen Wenning 1918
William McElroy 1919-1927
Aurthur F Gray 1927-1965
Carl Cambell 1965-1970
Junior Robbins 1970-1977
Jerry Baucher 1978-1994
Greg Davis 1994-1998
Doug Kuhn 1998-Present